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Answering the Call to Duty

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Many times in the history of the United States men and women have answered the call to duty. Many times the call placed their lives in jeopardy. These men and women faithfully did what was required of them. The many men who died in the World Wars, Korean conflict and Vietnam were just ordinary men like you and I.

In the world of Christianity there were similar calls to duty with the results leading to the death of the called. Some of the more well known were Stephen, killed because he stood up to be counted for Christ Acts 7 and James the brother of John the first leader of the church in Jerusalem, put to death by Herod. Then we have Peter who was crucified upside down. The list goes on, men who were called to duty often paid with their lives. Out of the many that could be chosen I have selected Esther because of what she did and the behind the scenes work of God.

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