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Answering the Call to Duty Part 2

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This is the second of a two part message on the book of Esther. Titled Answering The Call To Duty"

The first section took us through chapter four. Esther was selected and crowned queen of Persia. Haman had obtained permission to exterminate the Jews. His plan was found out by Mordecai and Esther was told, she must go to the king to save the Jews. The problem with this is, if she went to the king without being summoned she could be put to death if he did not extend the scepter to her allowing her to present her self. Esther understanding this sent word to Mordecai to have the people fast for three days and she would go into the king and if she perish, she perish.

Esther submitted herself to her call to duty. To serve her people even that it might cost her, her life. Now we continue with the story with Esther 4:16.

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